Alex Khaskin

Composer for Film and TV


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Movies and TV Drama

Across The River - Opening
Across The River - Murder
Across The River - Stadium
Across The River - Closing
Ginger Snaps Back
Once Upon A Christmas - Opening
Twice Upon A Christmas
Twice Upon A Christmas Church
Stork Derby


Driving Dream - Jaguar
Driving Dreams - China
Everybody's Children
My Opposition
Nature of Things - Change of Heart
Nature of Things - Hot Times
Turning Points of History - Opening Theme
Turning Points of History - Atom Bomb
Underworld - Boston
Underworld - Chicago
Underworld - Los Angeles


Erky Perky Opening
Erky Perky Plane Crash
Erky Perky Promo
Erky Perky Trapped
Odd Job Jack Crab Fisherman
Odd Job Jack Garbage

Life and Reality TV

Exotic Lives
Ghost Trackers - Opening
Little Miracles - Opening
Women Cops

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